Sunday, August 29, 2010

Country Mouse - Sunshine and Roses...

...except not all the time. I've really enjoyed doing this blog with City Mouse because it makes me think of all the good things about my small town instead of dwelling on all the things I miss. But this week I had to draw the line. My son loves Oreo ice cream cake for his birthday and because I didn't plan ahead and buy them at Wal-Mart the last time I was in Lewiston (it's 75 miles away), I had to buy the Oreos at the local grocery store. And do you know how much one package cost?

= $4.65! So not crescent fresh.


  1. Try Oreo pie. Oreo makes a jello mix. Two packs of that, some milk and pie crust and you are in business. Put it in the freezer and it tastes just like ice cream.

  2. Oh no! Guess it is hard to get commodities in Small Town. You'll become pro at snatching up the right things when they are available :)

  3. That is so expensive! I'll have to check out the prices of Oreos around here, now you've got me curious. :)